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We decided a few years ago that we wanted to really work with the conservation effort and the educational aspect of reptiles. We saw the need to help people learn to overcome their fears of reptiles, specifically snakes, as well as help people see the purpose of these animals in the ecosystem. Snakes are incredibly misunderstood and sadly typically killed out of fear. We started out pretty small, only doing talks and demonstrations at our local reptile events, but have slowly branched out and started speaking at hospital conferences, boy and girl scout meetings, HOA events, and other nature festivals across Texas.

We travel to events across the state to introduce people to the reptiles they can find in their own backyards. We do educational talks where we help people learn how to identify the native snakes, we work to dispel common myths and misconceptions about these snakes, and we teach people how snake venom is actually being used to save human lives. Our hope is that through what we do, even if people don't fall in love with the snakes, they grow to respect why they exist, and will learn to coexist with these amazing and necessary animals.


One of the things that pushed us to really start our demonstrations were the Rattlesnake Roundups. These are cruel events that occur in parts of Texas and Oklahoma where the snakes are collected by unethical means, and then tortured and mistreated in front of large crowds of people in the name of entertainment and education. We decided that we could show people a better way. We can educate and entertain, and at the end of our events, the snakes go back home to safe enclosures with regular access to food, water, and everything they need to thrive.

We are very passionate about these animals and we truly hope that we can inspire others to get involved in the conservation and education.

The face of TRCO
Angela Jezek

Angela, LVN ADON is a full time professional nurse with a passion for reptiles. Her knowledge combines a love for venomous and non venomous animals and how they benefit the earth. She is often seen handling snakes in the pit during live demos with Laura. Angela enjoys introducing people to the wonderful world of reptiles.

Laura Berg

Laura, M.A.Ed is a professional educator passing knowledge onto our future generations. She has combined her love for teaching with her passion for reptiles. Laura is the main speaker for live educational demos. Her knowledge, passion, and joy in teaching are felt in every show and educational event.

Adrian Berg

Adrian, M.A.Ed  is also a professional educator who combines his love for reptiles and teaching. Education, conservation, and teaching are all a focal point in Adrian's teachings. He is typically seen in and out of the pit whether it be speaking, handling snakes, or answering questions from the viewers.

Kelly Orphanides

Kelly is a professional wedding cake decorator who has a love for reptiles. She is passionate about conservation and offers help with local relocations and one on one education. You can typically see Kelly's cakes for auction at H.E.R.P.S. Conroe helping to raise funds for TRCO. She enjoys helping behind the scenes with websites, videos, and social media.

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